Steven and Maya’s background includes management of television and radio stations, business management, financial services, and consumer furniture design/build. As a couple they have discovered the joy of food and art of cooking together. Now they are taking their passion for great food up a notch by bringing only locally grown ultra premium meats to families who appreciate it and seek it out. In her teens, Maya spent her summers on a family farm in Poland, working the fields alongside her Grandma, Aunts and Cousins, learning first hand where food comes from and how hard one must work to make it happen. Growing up in communist Poland she remembers empty stores and food ration stamps. A coupon for a pound of meat that often was not possible to buy for lack of supply in the highly corrupt Soviet Collective System of the time. The couple share a deep appreciation for growing food right at home in their organic gardens like (papaya, guava, Meyers lemon, morenga, ashwagandha, lots of coconuts and pineapple, ginger, jack fruit, mango, banana, avocado, aloe vera. Even more they respect the efforts of those who grow and care for the animals. They believe in folks growing, harvesting, cooking and eating together-family style.