WELCOME! As an Okeechobee Farms’ insider, you will receive special discounts, free samples and enjoy special treatment at all of the Green Markets we do each week. You can get free O Farm’s and WholeLife Foods Products too. If you enjoy the meat and Farm Products we make and you post a nice review, we will “Thank you” in a meaningful way.

Gifts from the program are outlined in this document (How to Get Paid to Write a Review) and you can do it all at your desk in about 5 minutes we reckon. I hope it’s easy to do on your mobile devices as well….maybe someone will let me know.

As always, please know that it is your support which makes what we do possible. We know you can live without our Clean Meat and Farm Products and that some clean meats are available elsewhere, but you actually show-up in person at our markets assuring our ability to provide the cleanest meat possible. That is the kind of support that we both acknowledge and deeply appreciate.

Thank you-

We hope to see you & thank you in person sometime soon!

Steven and Maya