As a working Vanguard of Social Change, we are deeply invested in the health of the community we serve, privately growing the highest quality pastured based Animals foods on small local farms inside our 200 mile footprint in South Central Florida. In that footprint we grow our Animals on pasture, slaughter, dry age, butcher, package, freeze, ship and distribute our clean meat. We do not sell to restaurants as they generally demand the cheapest meat in volume which would be the polar opposite to our “Harvest One Animal at a Time” mentality. Our Animals are “Taken” from a distance while grazing on pasture, completely unaware of anything but their chewing.

We do not sell for farms. We are a group of grass farmers. The Okeechobee Farms Brand is the collective endeavor by which the group brings a small portion of our stock animals directly off the pasture to our USDA Inspected facility where our own people butcher, age, pack and freeze our pastured meat.

Our Locally Grown, 100% Grass Fed Beef Animals are born on the same pasture from which they are harvested. We call this Whole Life Pasturing. The animals eat only Live Grass every day of their lives. We do not allow hay, no silage, no grain. The Brand we call Whole Life Foods reflects this philosophy.

Our pastures are mostly large tracts of Florida Grassland allowing us to ‘Pasture’ (verb) uncompromised, truly “free-ranging” livestock. Our 100% Grass Fed animals are born on, raised on and “Whole Life Pastured” on living grass. Our animals never come from any auctions and generally we do not sell livestock locally but grow animals and sell the half grown 500-600 pound Steers from these cow-calf operations. We never participate in the commercial beef market to source our 100% Grass Fed Beef.

The Animals are contracted to our supply needs and grown in accordance with our protocols for feeding Live Grass Only-NO HAY & NO INPUTS of any kind.
FYI: these protocols far exceed the standards of USDA Certified Organic Beef which allow the use of Hay, Silage and Grain like Soy and Corn!

Our Lamb is grown using the same Live Grass ONLY protocol. The fact is, we have Live Grass here in The Sunshine State All Year Round. Other Grass Fed Beef growers have winter-up to 6 months without any grass so they use hay and silage. Here in South Central Florida our year-round grass allows us to grow some of the best Beef and Lamb in the country, never having to compromise by feeding inferior staples like hay. Hay is not living grass and feeding animals hay quickly degrades the meat, reduces CLA, changes the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, and offers fewer and inferior Minerals, Vitamins, and Phyto-nutrients. We never use hay or any inputs-just living grass.
Finally, we actually are the butcher. We butcher the other species we grow: Beef, Pork, Lamb (not Chicken) everything is USDA Inspected. We spec the cuts, decide the aging details and do it all our selves using no outsiders.

So, while that’s a mouthful, it’s only part of our story. We are passionate about Human and Animal health and nutrition. We love to eat and share good clean food. We also try to disseminate the latest research and information about Biological and Physiological Nutritional Health relying on our local medical friends and national/global sources to help us grasp the latest understanding of these complex systems. We then try to write concise capsule reports about these Health and Livestock Matters in our website and soon, a newsletter. We have around 3,200 folks/families in our local group of Clean Meat Eaters and believe they may benefit from this effort.

We also trap USDA Inspected Local Wild Boar, as well as100% Pastured Chicken and Organic Chicken Eggs.The Heritage Pork Varieties we grow are Red Wattle, and Berkshire. These healthy animals are always outdoors and never caged, no body parts cut or harmed in any way and never penned on cement floors.

We DRY AGE our beef 14-21 days. Proper Dry Aging condenses flavors while enzymes naturally present in the meat work to tenderize and soften. Aging removes excess moisture and what some folks refer to as the ‘Grassiness’. This costly additional process is simply not done by National Grass Fed Beef sellers or the supermarkets because up to 10% of carcass weight evaporates. Aging beef is an example of a centuries old agricultural practice totally dismissed by commercial meat where quality is trumped by greed and profit chasing.

We always offer several assortments with deep discounts for Local Families feeding kids and several ways to buy Bulk Grass Fed Beef and all our Pastured Meat & Eggs with discounts (1/2 & 1/4 carcass) in shares through our CSA as well as Free Home Delivery in the Local area only-of course!

Green Markets:
Ft Pierce- Downtown Fort Pierce Green Market-Saturdays 8-12
Vero Beach Green Market on Ocean Blvd at the Beach-Saturdays 8-12
Stuart Green Market in the City Hall Parking Lot-Sundays 9-1

All markets are Year-Round, Rain or Shine.

Dial XXXXXXX on your cell phone to Opt-In to our Market Alert Service. You’ll get a text message when there is news about the market or when we have a great sale offer. We do not share your cell number with anyone.