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For answers to the many more questions not listed here, send them into info@OFarmscsa.com

How do we know it’s authentic, 100% grass fed & grass finished?

The USDA and other bodies that Certify practices are not at all concerned with “What’s Best for The Animals” or the people for that matter. Only humans, people like Steven and Maya the administrators of the Co-Op we call Okeechobee Farms can put their word of honor in a statement ASSURING or CERTIFYING the authenticity of 100% Grass Fed Meat. Government or non- government agencies cannot assure you of anything. We can, we do and have been for 3 years now. Yes we are seeking a Certification with the American Grass Fed Beef Association in spite of what’s written here!

Where do the animals come from? The Epicenter of the group of ranches is located an average of 75 miles from the dining tables of those who consume it. We only grow and bring to market locally grown meat. We only make those clean meats and eggs available to local folks as our farms do not ship or sell out of the region.

What breed of cattle is the Grass Fed Beef you raise? Generally the Florida Cross is the Variety found on most of the Okeechobee Farms and therefore in our Boxes at the Green Markets. We do bring Angus, Brangus, and several other crosses with lineage that is familiar to the local people.

How much land do you have? We don’t own land. We, the Group of Affiliated Farms and Ranches we call Okeechobee Farms owns livestock and has agreements with the landowners which regulate the way the Herds are managed. There is something on the order of 20,000 acres of Pristine Florida Pastureland in the 100% Grass Fed Beef program at this writing and we are always adding local properties.

Can we get Buffalo? The fact is, anyone can get Buffalo. But we don’t GET the meats we bring you, we GROW them locally. Buffalo does not occur naturally here and it is not raised by local Farms so we don’t grow it either. Florida is a Beef State and that’s the red meat we deal with here. BEEF-It’s Still What’s for Dinner! Okeechobee Farms 100% Grass-Fed Beef is as lean as Buffalo, Local Beef supports Local Farms and we think it tastes better too.

Why don’t you sell veal? Our Ranches don’t even know how to Veal and from what little we do know, the practices appear in-humane and not in our purview. It seems inefficient and un-natural to harvest a very young animal instead of growing it out on Organic Pastures and free Florida Sunshine and Rain.

What is so special about your meat? The major value in our Pastured Meat is that the animals never eat grain of any kind. Their natural life is the polar opposite to a feed lot animal and that has implications, directly to the animal, it’s meat and those who eat it. (The health benefits of Grass Fed Beef are many and covered in some detail in several articles on the website). Since no Government subsidized fuel was used, and no Government subsidized grain, these animals are part of a closed carbon cycle on that land having a minimal carbon footprint on the planet. The indirect implication is that this is better animal husbandry, which it truly is. It is not always so clear to folks that the animals, the environment and people really benefit from Local Sourcing of 100% Grass Fed Beef and Pastured Meat and Eggs.

Can we Tour the Okeechobee Farms? Yes. Please come see us at the Green Market and we will get you the details.

What is dry-aging and how is it different from plain aging? Very High End Restaurants and Discerning chefs and individuals dry age their beef, wild game (Boar, Deer, Elk, Moose), lamb and even pork. It is the time a harvested animals spends hanging in the meat locker in controlled temperature and humidity loosing water weight and concentrating flavors and enzymes. It has benefits over wet aging. Commercial beef and corporation produced grass fed beef is not aged, it is cut and shipped. This is the meat available at Whole Foods and other retailers of meat commercially grown and processed out of the area.

How long will the meat stay good in the fridge and in the freezer?

We are the first and only animal at the Butcher on the day of cutting. Everything is sparkling clean. The meat goes into 3 mil BTA FREE plastic bags and is Cryo-vac’d and flash frozen to 10 degrees below zero. In the fridge, defrosted meat will last up to 2 weeks. In the freezer un-opened the meat will last well over 2 years.

Are your animals treated in Humane fashion? Yes. They live absolutely naturally, Free Ranging on literally thousands of acres of open grassland. Generally harvested from the same land onto which they were born, these Whole-Life Pastured Cattle are taken to our small butcher the day before harvesting and put in the paddock to relax and sleep overnight. They are taken outdoors before they are moved again and they are usually dosing off when the moment comes (from behind).

How is Grass Fed Beef different than regular commercial beef? The different biochemistry of Grass Fed Beef shows up as much higher levels of all that’s good like minerals in the meat, bones and fat, as well as hundreds of proto-molecules, higher Omega 3s in the good cholesterol and naturally occurring essential amino acids, high CLA and vitamins in the meat. The different toxic load carried by commercial beef shows up in the meat and fat as Hormone & Antibiotic residues, Round-Up (Glyphosate) from GM feed grains, exotic unnatural proteins made by GM grain plants, high risk of

e.Coli bacteria, 1/7th of CLA, poor ratios of Omega 3:Omega 6 long chain fatty acids, and chronic upper respiratory infections. We at Okeechobee Farms see commercial feed lot beef product as toxic, degraded, mushy pink meat unfit for our families.

Explain the difference between Cooking Grass Fed Beef and regular beef? Put a lean steak from a healthy wild harvested deer or Free Ranging Grass Fed Beef on a pan and right away you see and smell the difference. The wild animals are very lean, cook faster and must be taken off heat before reaching desired finish.

Use lower heat and less time. Sear for very short time and flip quickly-do not brown. To the seared side add oil like butter, coconut oil, or fat, maybe a sprig of Rosemary and some garlic, salt, pepper. Take it off the heat before fully cooked-let it “Finish” on a plate off the heat.

Why do Doctors & Nutritionists refer patients to Grass Fed Meat?

There is a long list of very common ailments for which Doctors and Nutritionists have referred patients to 100% Pastured Organic Meat. From skin conditions to gut and brain function Grass Fed Beef promotes building strength and supports convalescing. The clean meat delivers many nutrients unavailable in commercial meat and virtually eliminates the threat of allergenic reactions (NO SOY< NO WHEAT<NO CORN) and supports rebuilding immune system deficiencies.


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